Apart from the Account and Subscription Settings on a higher level, as a user you are entitled to manage your personal user profile. Your user profile includes email and other personalia, a picture or avatar, your authentication method, etc. Some of these may be imposed by your account manager. Taking these into account, you can fine tune your Limecraft user profile according to your preferences.

Before you can access and edit your user profile, you must have access to a registered account. You can subscribe yourself for a registered account, or you can get access by invitation. Now, upon successful login, you can access your Limecraft user profile settings via "Manage profile" in the dropdown in the right upper right corner.

Limecraft screenshot illustrating how you can access to your Limecraft user profile via the dropdown menu in the right uppor corner

Via the overview of your Limecraft user profile, you can modify your name, address, username, etc. It also allows you to change your password, or to enable two-factor authentication for increased security.

Limecraft screenshot illustrating how you can review and manage your user profile, including email, username, password,security options, and more