Before you begin: only the account admin will have access to these settings. If you wish to change something in the account settings, but don't have the permission to do so, you will need to contact your account admin to administer the changes.

To access the account settings, simply click 'account settings' on Flow's starting page next to the name of the account you want to manage. You will then see a menu on the left side with all the settings.

The user section gives you an overview of all the users that are part of the production in the account or that have certain permissions on account level. 

Let's first go through the top bar of the screen (circled in red on the image below).

If you are searching for a specific user, you can give in his/her name or email address in the search bar. The system will then give you all possible search results. 

Next to the search bar, you see the number of people that were added to this account. In our case, that is 38 members.

Next to that, you will see a filter option. Clicking that gives you the option to filter for example on account role, if the user has been invited / deactivated and a few more options.

Next to the filter, there is an 'Export' button which will give you a CSV file with all the user information given here.

On the right hand side, we have a 'reload results' button and finally an 'add user' button. Clicking that gives you a pop-up window to add in the details of the person you would like to invite. You can read all about inviting new people to your account in the Adding team members article.

Then, to the left on each row you will see two further buttons. The right one, the little red X, will deactivate this user from your account. Deactivating a user will remove all permissions for the user in this account and its productions. The user will not be notified of this. 

The left one, the edit button, will give you a pop-up (as shown below) where you can change the settings for this user. You can allow them to create productions, give them an admin role and get to see in which productions this user participates.