You can share clips with external parties (not part of your production team) and let them add comments on the clips, or even set the approval status.

Select the clips you want to share in the library, and press 'Share'.

A dialog pops up. Click the 'Generate Shareable Link' button. 

Various options will now be shown to customise what you want to allow the receiver to view and do:

  • Enable the 'Review clips' permission so the receiving party can create comments. If you don't enable this, they won't see any comments nor will they be able to create them.
  • If you want the receiving party to be able to download clips, enable the 'Download permission. 
  • Enable the 'Approve clips' permission if you want the receiving party to be able to set the review status. 

Click Save & Continue. The dialog proceeds to the next step, where you are able to add a description to your share to give some more context.

Finally, click 'Save'. The wizard proceeds to the last step:

Now you have a choice on how you want to share the clips:

  • Copy the link into a chat message, mail or something else. The receiver will be able to view the shared clips using the link. To create comments, they will have to provide their email and name.
  • Let Limecraft Flow mail the share link directly. This has the advantage that the receiving party will not have to enter their email and name to create comments.

Share Dialog Cheat Sheet

Learn more about the share dialog by taking a look at the cheat sheet! Download the Share Dialog Cheat Sheet