The path defines how media will be structured in Limecraft Edge and Limecraft Flow, when creating backups, and eventually when transferred to post-production

Before reading this article, we recommend reading the Backup in Edge 6 article for important information regarding the backup process. 

By default, the path looks like this: Production name > Shooting day > Camera name > Card name. As you can see, a path consists of four parts. The first part (Production name) can not be changed. The other three parts (Shooting day, Camera name and Card name) can be changed in the Flow Production settings > Edge > Edge metadata, as shown below. You can for example change it into a path with custom fields.

If you take a look at your Edge library, you will encounter filters at the top for each level of the path. This enables you to find the right media. 

During the ingest to Flow, the second part of the path (Shooting day) gets transformed into a collection and the third part (Camera name) to a subcollection. The last part of the path (Card name) is put as a tag on each clip. 

Note that when writing backups, folders on the backup volume will be created according to the path that is set. 

It is also important to note that the path on Flow and the path on disk can be changed independently from one another.