This article explains how you can create comments when you received a link to shared clips on Limecraft Flow.

First click the link, you should see a screen similar to this:

It's possible you see a big player instead, in which case you can skip the next step!

Hover over the first image and click the play button. 

A screen with a big player will open.

1. Create your first comment

Hover over the player frame, and click it to create your first comment:

Type some text and then click outside of the text field to save the comment (or press the Shift and Enter key simultaneously). 

That's it! Your comment should now be shown in the sidebar:

2. Create a comment without a spatial indicator

The comment we created earlier is shown as a box with a blue dot over the video. If you don't like this, you can also press the '+ Add Comment' button at the left of the screen, or the light blue '+' button in the player controls (both do the same thing):


Clicking them will reveal an input box to enter your comment. Saving the comment is done by clicking save.  

3. Discuss media with mentions and replies

When typing your comment, you can type the @ character to reveal a list of people to mention. The list will contain other users with access to the share. Mentioning a user will send them a mail pointing to your comment on this video.

Want to reply to a specific comment? Hover over the comment in the sidebar on the right and click the 'Reply to this' button:

An edit box will appear in which you can type your comment. Press Shift and Enter keys simultaneously to save your comment (or simply click somewhere on the player frame).

4. Tags

When typing your comment, you can press the # character to reveal a list of tags. Select or type a tag from the list to add it. 

5. Download the Share Page Cheat Sheet

Download the cheat sheet, print it, and hang it on your wall! Download the Share Page cheat sheet