The Sharing application embedded in Limecraft Flow allows users to easily and securely share individual clips or collections of material with third parties without granting them full access in their Workspace. 

This article explains how you can collaborate on shared material by reviewing, approving and uploading material by the use of a shared link.

Accessing Content via Limecraft Shared Link

Limecraft Sharing functionality gives the option to invite an external collaborator to share a selection of material on a Limecraft workspace. This can happen via an email containing the link, or via another communication channel. The configuration when creating the link determines the security level and permissions to the material. 

Picture showing an overview page of Limecraft Share with shared material from a Limecraft Workspace.

In case the producer of the shared link set up authentication, you may need to provide your name and/or a password to access the content.

Limecraft screenshot showing how to provide a given password before you can access any shared material securely with a password.

Review Status

In case material is shared for the purpose of review and approval, you can do so by setting the status of each clip.

  • Open the clip by clicking on it.
  • Select the Review Status from the dropdown list in the right upper corner.

Picture showing how you can set the review status via a Limecraft Share on a material shared with a link from Limecraft Workspace.


Collaborate with the team members and other collaborators with comments by adding pinned and unpinned comments. 

Pinned comment

Picture showing how to add comments pointing to a particular frame and location on the screen with Limecraft Share.

  • Add a pinned comment by clicking on the desired location on the screen to attach the comment. The circle on the screen points to the exact location where the comment is intended.
  • Type your comment in the text bar below the picture. 
  • Save your comment by clicking outside the text field or pressing shift + Enter. 

The comments panel on the ride side of the page displays all the comments and replies. 

The avatars above the player bar signal frames of the video where there is a comment. 

Unpinned comment

You can also start typing in the commenting text box under the player to add unpinned comments. Currently these comments are automatically pinned at the center of the screen.

Picture showing how to leave an unpinned comment with Limecraft Share.

Replying comments

Picture showing how to reply on comments with Limecraft Share.

You can reply on a comment in the comments panel by clicking on the reply arrow in the upper right corner of the comment. 

NOTE: A comment that was created on the share page can only be replied via the shared link not on the Limecraft Production Workspace.

To reply a comment originating from the shared link, click the link 'View in share to reply' to be guided to the same view in share.

Picture showing that you cannot reply a comment originating from share directly on Limecraft Workspace.

Reply in share. 

Picture showing the view after clicking a link to the comment in share for replying.

Collaborate with mentions and replies

You can use the @ character to reveal a list of people to mention and draw their attention to your comment. The list will contain users with access to the share. Mentioning a user will send them an email notification with a link to your comment.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags is a great tool to collect important metadata which can be used on the Limecraft Workspace to search media containing specific keywords.

The below example uses a hashtag #rainbow. 

Picture showing how to add hashtags on comments with Limecraft Share.

The search word 'rainbow' shows all the clips and subclips containing this keyword on the library on the Limecraft Workspace.

Picture showing how hashtags can be used as important metadata for searching material on Limecraft Workspace with the use of a keyword.

Download and upload material

Depending on the share configurations and permissions, you might have the option to download and/ or upload material.

Downloading a clip

Picture showing how to download an individual clip via Limecraft Share.

You can download an individual clip by clicking the download icon on the thumbnail.

Downloading all clips 

Picture showing how to download all clips from a Limecraft Share.

You can download all clips with the selection on the upper right corner of the overview page. This will create a zip file containing all the clips. The versions that are available for download depend on the configuration settings of the share.  


Upload material using the selection on the upper right corner on the page. 

Picture showing how to upload content via Limecraft Share.

At the background the material is uploaded to the shared collection on the Limecraft Workspace. 

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