This article explains how you can manipulate the queue point of the subtitles prior to cutting a transcript in subtitles

Limecraft automatically cuts the transcript into broadcast-grade subtitles. However, timing rules can differ per producer, per genre of content or per distribution channel. By default, we apply the BBC style guide for subtitles, but you can modify the timing rules. In this article, we explain how you can do so.

First of all, make sure you have admin permissions in the production you are working in. If not, you can not access the settings. If not, please ask you system administrator or local representative for help.

Next, enter "Manage Production" and select the "Subtitle Editor" section as indicated below.

If you now scroll down, there's a section where you can find and modify the individual timing rules. These will be applied when cutting the transcript into subtitles. Please bear in mind that this step is best effort and that it is not always possible to respect all timing rules at the same time.