When you are a content producer or distributor, you may want to make subtitles in other languages as part of the localisation process. Essentially this would make your content also accessible to people using other languages than the primary language of the original content.

Before you start

Please make sure you are using a registered account and that some content is uploaded into the library. Also, please make sure your production is provisioned with credits for using translation services. Finally, you also need to make sure you have sufficient access permissions to start translation services. In case you are experiencing any issues, please contact your local account manager or support@limecraft.com.

1. In case you have a subtitle template

The easiest, fastest and most accurate way is to create translated subtitles starting from an existing subtitle template. Looking at the subtitle editor app, you can use the second option to upload the existing subtitles in SRT or STL file format.

A dialog will invite you to select the subtitle file, and the subtitle template will be displayed provided there are no formatting errors.

Almost done. Go to the dropdown above the subtitles and use "+ Add a new language" as follows.

The subtitle app will display a new overlay where you start typing the destination language. The original subtitles are still available, they are not displayed in here. As soon as you start typing 'fr...' because you're looking for 'French' an auto-suggest function comes to help.

Now pick the desired language and hit "AUTO TRANSLATE", and wait a few seconds before the magic happens.

The translated subtitles are displayed side by side with the subtitle template for review and QC. If necessary, you can repeat the procedure to add more languages.

2. In case you don't have a subtitle template

In the more likely case, where you have just produced a piece of content that you would like to create subtitles for, you may not yet have a subtitle template. Please refer to the section on same language subtitling to learn how you can create a subtitle template by using a given transcript or using speech to text transcription (you can find it here). When done, follow the steps above.