This article explains how to create and use production templates 

If you frequently have to create new productions that use similar settings like custom fields or team membership, you can consider using production templates. Production templates are pre-set configurations that will be inherited by each production created according to the template. Production templates are managed by the account manager on the level of the account.

To access the account settings, simply click 'account settings' on Flow's starting page next to the name of the account you want to manage. You will then see a menu on the left side with all the settings. 

Creating a production template

As an account manager, you can access production templates by using the account settings on the main dashboard. On the level of General Settings, Users, Usage and Billing you'll also find a subsection on Production Templates.

Here is where you can create and edit one or more production templates. The settings of a production template are structured in exactly the same way as the production settings. Each production created according to a given template will inherit the settings of the template as default settings.

Using a production template

Production templates come into play when the account manager creates a new production. Upon creation of a new production, you'll be prompted to pick a production template which may contain the entire metadata model, access controls, navigation structure, etc.