Your library contains all the media in your production. Initially, it is empty, so let’s add media to it!

1. Select files to upload

You can either use the file picker to add files, or simply drag them into the library and drop them.

1.1 Add files using file picker

In the right corner of the toolbar, you’ll find the Add Clips button. Click it and select some video files in the file picker that pops up.

1.2 Add files using drag&drop

You can also select files on your file system and drag them into the Flow browser window.

Note: Depending on your needs, it might be easier to work with our Limecraft Edge client to transfer material into the online Flow platform. If you work with material which has multiple files for a single clip, if you want to transfer material in bulk, or if you want to create proxies locally and only send those proxies to Flow, Edge probably is the better choice. Learn more about the Edge client software.

2. Wait for uploads to finish

Uploading the files will take some time, depending on the file size. You can monitor the upload progress in the dialog which pops open once the upload starts. 

Once the uploads have completed, you can close the browser window if you want.

3. View your clips in the library

Once a file starts uploading, you can view it in the library. If you see the following notice, simply click the refresh button and your items should become visible.

Depending on the state of the upload and ingest, the thumbnails in the library will look different.

3.1 Playback unavailable

While the upload is busy, the thumbnail looks like this. The ingest workflow has not yet started for this clip.

3.2 Processing

The label processing indicates the ingest workflow is running on the server. The ingest workflow will create proxy versions of your material which are playable on the Flow platform.

3.3 Ingest complete

Once the ingest workflow has finished successfully, the clip will show a preview. 

3.4 Ingest failed

If something went wrong during the ingest process, the thumbnail will look like this. There could be a few reasons why this happens:

- We don't support the file format you're trying to ingest (read more about that in the article Which file formats are supported?)

- Something went wrong in Flow (this is unlikely, but it can always happen). Try to ingest your media again and see if it works.

- You've used up your proxy credits. In that case, please contact your local account manager. 

If you still can't get your media ingested, contact us at and we'll see what we can do for you!

4. Ingest progress

You can watch the ingest progress by clicking on the show details button in the thumbnail of the item:

This opens the details for the file you just uploaded. In the sidebar on the right, go to 'Workflow & activity' where you should find the ingest workflow: